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November 20, 2009

Welcome Scot Lawrence

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Greetings everyone. One more week to go after this one and I head home for the Thanksgiving holidays. I am really looking forward to it. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, mainly because I love turkey and dressing and ham and cranberry sauce and green bean casserole and potato salad and all the other trimmings. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Fran is a really good cook so that makes it all the better.

A new cousin found us just this weekend and we want to make welcome Scot Lawrence. He did such a good job of introducing himself we will just copy his email to us, plus a snippet from his website that we found interesting and very nice. Here is his email:

Hello Wickwire Family!

I got this email address from your excellent http://www.wickware.com/ website.

My name is Scot Lawrence, I’m your cousin! (well, a cousin to some of you! ;))

I was born in Sayre, Pennsylvania, in 1969.

I am the son of Carol Kremer and Richard Lawrence.

I am the Grandson of Edwin Kremer and Josephine Talada.

My Grandfather Edwin Kremer’s sister was Ellen Ruth Kremer Wickwire.

Ellen Ruth Wickwire was my Grand Aunt, my Grandfather’s sister.

I have recently started a Genealogy project, tracing the ancestry of my four Grandparents surnames: Lawrence, Hill, Kremer and Talada.

I never even knew my Grand Aunt Ellen Ruth existed until this year! I’m sorry I never got to meet her.. I grew up in Waverly! Not far at all from Corning..

I had never even heard of her until I received some family information from my Aunt (Donna Kremer Canavan, Ellen Ruth’s niece) a few months ago.

Well I have just uploaded a rather extensive webpage on my Kremer Genealogy:


And Ellen Ruth is on the page..

I would like to share my page and research with the Wickwire family, to see if the Wickwire’s perhaps have any data I’m missing, corrections, or perhaps I can share information they might not be aware of!

I would be happy to correspond with anyone who might like to discuss the Kremer line.. feel free to forward this note to anyone who might be interested..


Scot Lawrence

We visited Scot’s website and it is very impressive. Here is what he had for his Grand Aunt Ellen Ruth Kremer Wickwire:

My Grandfather’s sister Ellen Ruth KREMER WICKWIRE, my Great Aunt, has a LOT of descendants living today! She had 8 children, and as many as 100 of her direct descendants are living today! This is the Wickwire family of the Corning, NY area.

I never knew, or even heard of the Wickwires until I started this genealogy project in January 2009. I plan to email them to see if they have more genealogy data on the Kremer line, since we all have common Kremer ancestors. She lived until 1998! I was 29 then! and I never even knew she existed.. I never asked my Grandfather about his family. (I was 18 when he died, and it simply hadn’t occurred to me yet to be interested in family history!)

This is another example of what I wrote on the Talada page.. how its easy to “lose relatives” after only two generations removed! We all know the siblings of our parents, (our aunts and uncles), and their children, (our first cousins)…but go up just one more generation, and almost no one knows about the siblings of their GRAND parents! and all of their children.. why is this I wonder? Just too many relatives to keep track of the further you go back? Perhaps.. in any event, “hello Wickwires”! I’m your cousin Scot.. nice to meet you.

We are certainly glad to meet Scot, and also to hear about those 100 or so descendants of Ellen Ruth Kremer Wickwire, who married Albert Edward Wickwire, by the way. Here is more info on Albert Edward:

Descendants of Albert Edward Wickwire

Generation No. 1

1. ALBERT EDWARD13 WICKWIRE (FRANK EDWARD12, ALBERT JAMES11, ALBERT G.10, ROSWELL9, JOSEPH8, PETER7, JOHN6 WICKWARE, JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, PB THOMAS1) was born 14 Jul 1897 in Canton, PA, and died 13 Nov 1985 in Hillsborough Co., FL. He married ELLEN RUTH KREMER 20 Nov 1918 in Corning, NY. She was born 19 Jul 1900 in Sayre, PA, and died 18 Feb 1998.


My father’s notes again: “Albert had a very adventurous youth which he liked to talk about. Albert and his father, mother and sister would go to Miami, FL in the winter and he liked to relate fishing in the Miami River. He quit school in the 10th grade to drive a taxi. Frank, his father, ran the Willis Knight garage and Albert worked as a Mechanic, Salesman and in the office over a period of several years. He completed a course in accounting and helped with the banking and other chores at the garage. We wanted a change so we went to Philadelphia in 1928 and lived there for about two years mostly in Germantown. We came back after Frank became ill and were there when he died in 1930. Albert and Grandma ran the garage until the Willis Knight company went bankrupt in 1933. They did not have the resources to continue. Albert got a job as a surveyor and worked for the Atlantic Tea Co. as a salesman. He was transferred to Corning, NY in 1936. He stayed with the Tea Co. until World War II broke out and then he went to work for the Corning Glass Works as a furnace operator and later as a glass inspector until retirement. Throughout all of this, mother always kept a good home and we children went to school every day pretty much on time. Most of the time we had a garden and mother always did a lot of canning. Everybody had to help out. We always had a nice Christmas and many picnics together. Albert had to work 6 days a week 10 hours or more a day. It was a very busy life for both mother and Albert. After they retired they sold the house and toured the United States living in a travel trailer and visiting their grandchildren. They settled in Fort Pierce right on the Indian River. It was always fun to go down there for fishing and conversations. It was a great place to retire.”

Joyce Wickwire Dowling


Census 1: 1920, Waverly, Tioga, NY, living with parents

Census 2: 1910, Elmira, Chemung, NY

Census 3: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Occupation 1: Taxi Driver

Occupation 2: Mechanic in his father’s Willis Knight garage

Occupation 3: Salesman in his father’s Willis Knight garage.

Occupation 4: Bet. 1920 – 1930, Auto salesman

Residence 1: 1985, Florida 33449

Residence 2: Corning, NY

Residence 3: Waverly, NY

Social Security Number: 071-09-1987


Census 1: 1920, Waverly, Tioga, NY, living with in-laws

Census 2: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Residence: 1998, Corning, Steuben Co., NY 14830

Social Security Number: 179-14-3625


Marriage: 20 Nov 1918, Corning, NY


i. DORA14 WICKWIRE, b. 27 Jul 1919, Waverly, Tioga, NY; m. FARRELL.


Census 1: 1920, Waverly, Tioga., NY

Census 2: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

2. ii. DONALD JAMES WICKWIRE, b. 29 Jan 1921, Waverly, Tioga, NY; d. 17 Jun 2007.

iii. MARJORIE WICKWIRE, b. 09 Nov 1922, Waverly, Tioga, NY; d. Bef. 2000.


Census: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

3. iv. JUNE ANNA WICKWIRE, b. 02 Jun 1924, Waverly, Tioga, NY.

v. ALICE WICKWIRE, b. 20 Jul 1926, Waverly, Tioga, NY; m. BENNETT.


Census: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

vi. EVA WICKWIRE, b. 10 Oct 1929, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; d. Bef. 2000; m. SEIDEMANN.


Census: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

vii. GRACE WICKWIRE, b. 10 Oct 1929, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; m. REMELE.


Census: 1930, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

4. viii. CHARLES WICKWIRE, b. 31 Mar 1933, Waverly, Tioga, NY.

Most of the information we have on this family has come from cousin Joyce Wickwire Dowling, whose notes appear for Albert. She got her info from her father Donald James Wickwire, and she has been very gracious about sharing that information and all of her own research with us. Now we may have an opportunity to increase our knowledge substantially by sharing with Scot.


  1. BTW, when I came home from my father’s memorial service, I brought all his letters home when he was in the military. Should I scan them & put them online? Do you think anyone would be interested?

    Comment by Joyce — January 18, 2010 @ 8:33 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Joyce,

    I certainly would. I believe they would be a treasure trove of memories and information that would not be available anywhere else.


    Comment by Rick Wickwire — January 19, 2010 @ 4:10 am | Reply

    • I will be putting my father’s letters online soon when I have the time since they’re all scanned in now. But I wanted to let you know that I scanned the photo copies of the photos from 1903 & 1913 that Rodney Wainwright sent me. I put them here & linked to this blog (I hope you’ll keep it up): http://www.joycedowling.com/photos.html#genealogy

      Comment by Joyce — February 9, 2010 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

  3. My father, Don Johnson, is 91 and has just completed his autobiography. I’m attempting to make it into a hardbound book with pictures, etc. I just read that his father, Frank A. Johnson, worked at Wickwire’s Garage in Waverly, NY as a mechanic. He was a specialist on the Willys-Knight engines I guess. So, while doing an internet search for “wickwire’s garage” I came upon this site. Is there any chance you might have a photograph of that garage where my grandfather worked in the 1920s? My father, and his parents, didn’t take many photographs. I have plenty from my mom’s side, but almost none from his side. I would love to be able to include some of the memories of his early life. Any info you could supply would be greatly appreciated!
    Bev Johnson Daly

    Comment by Bev Daly — June 4, 2010 @ 2:44 am | Reply

    • Hi Bev,

      I am very sorry but we do not have a photograph of that garage. I will ask all our Wickwire cousins to see if anyone else has one. Good luck in your search.


      Rick Wickwire

      Comment by Rick Wickwire — June 4, 2010 @ 2:55 am | Reply

  4. hey im a wickwire as well dont know if we r the same wickwire or not but i wood like to know

    Comment by Ray Wickwire — December 23, 2012 @ 11:58 pm | Reply

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